Why settle for another vendor?

Make HBCS your
revenue-building partner.

At HBCS, we understand the difference between cutting costs and generating back-end revenue. That’s why we educate our professional staff in the very latest cash recovery techniques and compliance standards — and support them with state-of-the-art technology — so together we can achieve the best results and maintain the goodwill of your patients and community.

“I make it a point to learn everything I can about a hospital,
so I can help them realize the value of our services.”
Brian J. Wasilewski
President & Chief Executive Officer
The closer the partnership the better the results.
“Whether I have an answer right at hand, or need to gather
additional information, I always show patients the respect
they deserve.”
Kathy Demopoulos
Client Manager
Professionalism and humanity go hand in hand when you're working through patient billing concerns.

“I treat your money like it’s mine. Our industry is constantly changing.
I try to help your organization stay on top of these changes and hold
insurance carriers accountable.”

Donna Allen-Woolfolk
Director, Patient Financial Services
I try to be a calming factor when issues like insurance denials arise.